After 11 years, we are changing our name. Why? 

Hawaii’s Finest In-Stock Cabinets is now operating under a new name: Maui Cabinet Company. When we first opened Hawaii’s Finest In-Stock Cabinets in 2007, we were Maui’s first and only local owned in-stock cabinet company. We built our business on bringing Maui cabinets that were in-stock & good quality; something that was not available on Maui before we opened. 

Over the last 11 years, things have slowly changed & morphed beyond what we ever imagined. Our clients liked our product, service, and quality, and they wanted to use our cabinets on jobs that weren’t able to use in-stock cabinets in the 1 color & style we offered. We had more requests for different colors, styles, & sizes and we had the ability to do that: Special Ordering at Hawaii’s Finest In-Stock Cabinets started.

Fast forward to now: most of our repeat and new clients choose to special order from us as our niche slowly shifted from being the first and only locally owned in-stock cabinet supplier on Maui to primarily serving clients that special ordered, allowing clients to select exactly what they wanted and waiting for their cabinets to arrive as ordered. Aside from this, there have been shifts in the cabinetry industry that have steered us in new directions, always with our clients as our top priority. 

We have recently decided to discontinue stocking in-stock cabinets (for now). Therefore, we know it is finally time to re-name our business. We appreciate all of our clients, new, former, & existing, who have chosen to work with us on their cabinetry projects. We will continue to do that under our new name, with our same owners, same knowledgeable staff, and same goals: to bring you a quality cabinet at a great value. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our name change and please feel free to reach out to us if you want to chat about it or have questions. 

Aloha & Mahalo, 

Maui Cabinet Company